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_blankRepository 101, How to get the most out of Normal and Displaceme


_blankRepository 101

How to get the most out of Normal and Displacement maps on Octane

In this quick Video/Tutorial I'll show you how to use and setup the Normal and Displacement maps we provide with our 3D Scans. Download the 3D scan we use in the tutorial for Free!, so you can check the results and workflow for yourself.

Try it and send us link of your renders on the comments! Also if you had any issues or something to correct, add or say about the tutorial, please do so on the comments.

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Key Elements:

Copying the red channel to the green and blue channels  in Photoshop so it can be read by Octane. (as seen on the video)

Octane's ObjectTag


Displacer Settings


Displacement Node Settings


Displacement Map Settings


Normal Map Settings